Specialist business skills training consultants

Cybele offers an extensive portfolio of courses delivered with the aid of leading edge and proven training techniques; Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Emotional Intelligence (EI), changing people’s hearts and minds as well as ingrained behaviours. These fascinating techniques explore delegates conscious and unconscious understanding of themselves, allowing them to learn new skills as well as developing their existing core capabilities.

43 percent of UK line managers rate their own managers as ineffective leaders
— The Chartered Institute of Managers

Specialist areas include:

  • Training needs analysis

  • Business consultancy

  • Cultural change programmes

  • Marketing and sales strategy support

  • Sales skills, communication and soft skills training

  • Leadership and performance management

  • Recruitment and selection as well as coaching and personal development

  • Programmes for team members working within your company

  • Interim on-site management

  • Team building and team away days

The recipe to our success is the fundamental belief that talent should be nurtured in business. A workforce who is developed with honed skills and brimming with confidence will ensure the long term success of the organisation.

Our history

Our story began in 1999 when Carole Stevenson with a background in sales and a passion for developing people, decided to set up a business. She wanted to focus on the development of employees through high quality training programmes, building on their natural talents and equipping them with the knowledge they needed to do their jobs to the best of their ability. The business was named Cybèle. Inspired by the mythological Greek goddess of nature and mother of the gods, Cybèle brought to life Carole’s belief in the power of learning, developing and nurturing people to help them to unlock their potential and to perform at their highest level.

The Cybèle story further unfolded when Gary Uffendell joined Carole at the helm. Gary brought with him a wealth of training experience and the business took off.