Client Focus Programme


Cybèle was engaged by this high end Retail Store to develop and refine understanding and skill in how to create appropriate impact over the telephone and face to face with their voice, body language and written communication through style and language, so they are able to confidently communicate the right message to all customers the team have contact with. The company wanted to improve the standard of client care and focus provided by each team member.


Following a research and investigation phase, we designed and deliver a client focus programme which included the following objectives:

  • Understand how the impact of your voice affects a successful telephone conversation.

  • Know how to adapt your voice and body language to portray an appropriate impression to customers.

  • Know how to use positive and powerful language in telephone, face to face and written communications in order to always communicate the right message.

  • Understand customer ‘social styles’ and ‘basic motivators’ so that the right approach and customer relation skills are utilised to optimum affect.

  • Increased confidence and approaches in handle challenging situations, whilst still maintaining the relationship with the other person.

  • Have a consistent approach within the team when dealing with customers on a face to face basis and over the phone, particularly during the introduction and managing the customer expectations

  • To gain valuable motivational and developmental feedback when putting the knowledge into practise


Our programme improved the competence and confidence of all client facing team members together with the feedback from and retention of clients. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and learned many new, helpful things. I enjoyed the training and think it was very useful, something I can not only input into work but also my life in general. Thank you very much! I really enjoyed the workshop.

RetailRoss Taylor