Leading Hotel Chain – Sales Managers


We carried out a diagnostic for a major hotel chain and established: where enhancements could be made to the current sales ability, how upsell and cross sell opportunities could be taken advantage of, how to use more creative methods to engage wider business population, a more effective lead planning process to increase time effectiveness when selling, which sales methods to use to remain ‘on brand’ and a more advanced style of communicating with customers to increase overall spend.


Following this, Cybele carried out 3 x 2 day sales training events for 30 sales managers across the chain, to up skill and inspire a more effective way of contacting new customers, increasing business from existing customers and enhancing overall relationships and awareness of the brand. We then ran a follow up day 6 weeks later, to assess progress, further develop skills and put in place clear development plans in line with targets and objectives.


  • In house sales analysis system now tracking increases due to recent training.

  • Initial feedback, strong up take of ‘promotions’ by new and existing customers.

  • Increase in use of meetings and conference bookings Clearer, time effective sales planning, resulting in revenue increase.