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Leading Insurance Company


This company recently undertook a great deal of change. The business process re-engineering and implementation of new technologies provided an opportunity for a new beginning – not only for providing a more efficient and cost effective service, but also for providing a service which was remarkable. It was felt there had to be a programme to kick start the process of creating the new, common culture which would support:

a)remarkable customer service

b)the achievement of departmental goals

c)the success of its staff

d)the achievement of the company’s overall objective of increasing market share.

We were asked to train and accredit the internal Trainers with their ability to deliver a cultural change programme over a 12 month period. We coached and supported the Trainers during the delivery of the programmes.

Our objective was to ensure all trainers within the T&D function understood and lived the principles of the programme and were recognised as role models within the business.

The overall objective was to kick start the process of making each departmental vision and culture real by addressing the mindsets and beliefs which keep things stuck where they are.


The cultural change requirements were characterised by:

Open and honest communication People who engage and emotionally connect Personal ownership of results and experience Being on the side of the customer Visibility of results A high level of demand from managers to their staff A high level of support from managers to their staff Hands-on management and coaching Feedback which makes a difference Inclusivity Simplicity, efficiency and consistency Fun and enjoyment People at all levels role modelling the new culture.


One of the main external results expected from the programme was to see an increase in independent customer satisfaction ratings and this was achieved by the end of the programme with the company improving its position into the top 10.

People Skills

Fear and desire are the two motivating emotions behind every human behaviour.

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Our trainer kept us interested and addressed our individual needs.

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