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We have recently worked with a leading outscourced agency with a programme to change the way that products and services are being sold through outbound telephone calls. The selling method used was to “throw enough sales at the wall and some will stick” which resulted in a high number of cancelled policies and disgruntled customers.

a)Agents need to re-focus their current attention when talking to customers to identifying how to engage customers in a two-way conversation and identify key “hooks” that can be explored in future calls.

b)Agents need to understand how to profile their customers into different types of opportunities and then react accordingly by planning in follow up calls that are expected and required by the customer.

c)There is a need for the Agents to be skilled with the right questions that will generate a productive response from customers and then how to sell the main features, advantages and benefits of the product.

d)Cancellation rates and customer complaints are high and conversion rates are low.

e)Morale seems quite low within the team especially when the dataset being used appears to be of low quality.


We wrote and delivered a sales training programme that focused on delivering a consultative style of selling for outbound calls. This concentrated on demonstrating and fully explaining to the agents how to form strong relationships with customers that would then lead to definite sales and much lower cancellation rates.


Cybèle Training and Consultancy Ltd also provided both Team Leaders with some specific outbound coaching skills.

Within 4 weeks of the training and follow up taking place, conversion rates almost doubled and cancellation rates fell by 20%.

Our programme has now been rolled out to the remaining 130 agents.

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