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Carole Stevenson Business Development Director

Carole specializes in sales training skills for frontline team members, team managers and department managers. Topics range from how to effectively sell and engage customers, to how to manage a sales team.

She gained her extensive experience working as a sales manager for Lloyds TSB Insurance, as a senior sales manager at Saga Insurance Services. Since 1998 Carole has mostly worked with blue chip companies improving the knowledge, skills and abilities of each sales person and ultimately, the revenue generated.

What has been your most rewarding training experience?

Each project I have worked on has been rewarding in some way -me being able to make a difference with team members (who either do or don't believe they need any training!) and working in tandem with my clients and feeling part of an integrated team.

Any bizarre or amusing training stories?

I called a delegate "Kevin" for 2 days during a training programme and wasn’t told by the group until the last day that "Kevin" was in fact a girl called "Kate".

What made you want to become a trainer?

I blame my very first Training Manager who shoved me into training new recruits on an Induction programme with the dubious selection process of "our main trainer is off sick today and you're the only one available......"

What would you be if not a trainer?

Whatever it would be would have to have an element of selling/finding out other people's talents/having fun/making a difference - what kind of a job is that???

Which four words describe your training style?


Feedback you’d most like to get from a delegate following your course?

"I couldn't wait for the programme to start, I loved it from start to finish and it's changed my life."

Feedback you’d probably get from delegates following one of your courses?

I didn't really want to go, but it was great and not as bad as others had told me it would be!

Any words of advice for a delegate about to go on one of your courses?

Two phrases press my buttons - "I'll try and do it" and "it all sounds fine but I don't have time to implement it" - you've been warned!

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had while on a training course?

With delegates who are focused on the programme objectives, are up for a challenge, have a sense of humour and fun and really, really, really want to learn and progress their own abilities.

What’s the most important ingredient in order for a course to be successful?

A desire to learn.

People Skills

Studies have shown that in a standard interview only about 10% of a potential employer’s impression of you is based on what you say, 20% is influenced by the tone of your voice whilst the remaining 70% is dependent on body language.

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Excellent workshop, I feel I have learnt a great deal of things that I can take away with me inside and out of work!