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Gary Uffendell Managing Director

Gary’s core specialisms are relationship management, influencing skills and effective communications. He has worked in training and consultancy for 10 years, starting at Cap Gemini. From there he moved to QA Training and Consultancy. Gary gained his NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner status through ITS in London.

What has been your most rewarding training experience?

I showed a delegate a technique called the meta-mirror which is really useful for creating change in a problem relationship. This lady used this technique with her daughter who had been bullied at school for years. The bullying stopped!

Any bizarre or amusing training stories?

I used to run a lot of residential courses which are always interesting! Its great to see what happens when you mix work colleagues, alcohol and a hotel together. I once got a call from the reception in my hotel at 2 in the morning, informing me that my delegates were running around the hotel naked! Remembering what they looked like, I decided to go back to sleep!!

What made you want to become a trainer?

I watched a lady called Jill Hughes perform “magic” on a course when changing a delegates belief systems in under 5 mins! I wanted to be able to do that!

What would you be if not a trainer?

A stonemason.

Which four words describe your training style?

Eddie Izzard meets Paul McKenna (I know its five, but look into the eyes, not around the eyes and you will see only four!)

Feedback you’d most like to get from a delegate following your course?

I can’t believe that Brad Pitt’s better-looking brother is a trainer!

Feedback you’d probably get from delegates following one of your courses?

I can’t believe that trainer looks so much like Willy Wonka (think Gene Wilder) and yet he has helped me so much!

Any words of advice for a delegate about to go on one of your courses?

Keep your mind open and be ready to play!

What’s the most fun you’ve ever had while on a training course?

Watching a film that the delegates had prepared for their final presentation on the fifth day of a course. They had all gotten very drunk the night before and when they returned to the hotel they made the recording! I laughed so much when watching it with them the following morning, that I was crying!

What’s the most important ingredient in order for a course to be successful?

Delegates who want to play and learn!

People Skills

Studies have shown that in a standard interview only about 10% of a potential employer’s impression of you is based on what you say, 20% is influenced by the tone of your voice whilst the remaining 70% is dependent on body language.

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