A Client Focused Business Development Programme


1 day


A consultative sales, client focused business development programme packed with tips, tools and techniques. This 1 day programme will enable you to prepare and conduct confident, effective and powerful conversations which are aligned to the clients’ buying process and built around relationships. The programme will be highly interactive, thought provoking and participative.

You will be encouraged to discuss your own challenges and will be supported to come up with your own answers. You will leave with an action plan of what you intend to do differently as a result of the sessions and how you are going to do it.

Who will the programme benefit?

Aimed at anyone who wishes to improve their business development or client facing skills.

Programme objectives:

By the end of the day, participants will be able to:

  • Explain the key preparation principles required to sell

  • Demonstrate consultative selling techniques and identify how these can be used during client conversations to develop relationships and achieve maximum value

  • Identify how to interpret body language to adjust business development conversations with different clients and demonstrate correct body language to use yourself

Pre-course work:

Prior to attending this programme, please prepare brief notes on:

  1. What is your biggest challenge when having business development conversations with clients

  2. When have you been most effective with these?


  • Introduction and objectives: Setting the scene for the day.

  • What makes a great business development conversation? Group exercise to highlight skills and attributes of great sales people and successful business developers. Findings to be delivered as a team.

  • Buying Process ‘vs’ Sales Cycle: What motivates a client to buy or continue to buy from us and how is this influenced by the way we try to sell to them.

  • Preparation: taking technical preparation as a given other areas of preparing to sell will be explored. How to plan and prepare a pitch which will appeal to the clients and get your message across effectively

  • Body language & creating impact: Building rapport & trust with the client through non verbal techniques increasing the ability to influence a positive outcome.

  • Establishing needs with a consultative approach: identifying how to discover what’s really going on with clients, what their dominant buying motives are and what’s important to them.

  • It’s the client not me: Techniques for handling challenging questions, buying time to respond effectively and avoid negativity

  • Reflection & follow up – reviewing how the business development conversation went, analysing successes and work in progress for next time and making sure there is a clearly defined follow up strategy in place.

  • Key tips and techniques – those to use and those to avoid

  • Practical case studies – based on specific observations and activities

  • Review, action planning and close


Timings: 9am to 5pm

Number of participants: We can accommodate up to 10 participants for this 1 day programme

Cybèle team: 1 trainer for the day

Equipment needed: Training room large enough to house 10 people comfortably with space for smaller group work and room to move around. Also 2 x flipcharts & paper; projector and screen please.

Programme materials: Will be supplied by Cybèle including joining instructions for distribution in advance of the programme.

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