Accelerated learning techniques


2 days non residential


Training can achieve better results than traditional methods by using accelerated learning techniques. Learning will be more effective and participants will be more engaged and motivated.

Who will the course benefit?

This course is for trainers who want to use proven techniques to make training and learning environment more fun, energised and positive in order to better achieve results and outcomes.

Course Objectives

This accelerated learning workshop will give trainers the ability to engage all delegates in the learning process whilst achieving more effective results than traditional training methods and making workshops enjoyable and rewarding for all involved.

Skills Gained

Explain the principles are of accelerated learning. Demonstrate and understanding of how people learn and use this to improve our programme design. Use techniques and tools to design accelerated learning materials to reinforce learning. Give participants the chance to practice their newly learnt skills and knowledge. Make the learning environment more fun, energising and a more positive experience.

Content Introduction

  • What is accelerated learning and what are the benefits?

  • Why accelerated learning works How the brain works and the impact on training outcomes.

  • Designing Training with Accelerated Learning Training design using accelerated learning techniques and tools.

  • Putting the Theory into Practice Practice design training material using accelerated learning techniques.

  • Delivery Techniques How to deliver sessions designed with accelerated to maximise the benefits.

  • Practice Multiple practical sessions delivering work designed on the course, using video for feedback and development planning.