Coaching communication skills


1 day non residential


Coaching is an essential skill in most organisations which, done well, can add significant value to individuals and the organisation.

Who will the course benefit?

This coaching communication skills course will benefit Managers, supervisors and anyone who would benefits from utilising coaching & communication skills as part of their role.

Course Objectives

This programme will give you a good understanding of coaching communication skills if you have no formal experience and develop your coaching and feedback skills to have a positive impact on the development of others, increase their competence and confidence, and in turn improve relationships and results.

Skills Gained

Explain the role of coaching and the value it adds to all involved. Know when coaching is the most effective development method. Identify the appropriate coaching style and techniques for each situation. Utilise effective questioning, listening and other communication skills in coaching. Structure your coaching sessions and deliver good quality feedback.

Content Introduction

  • Understanding the Learning & Development Cycle and where coaching fits.

  • Using learning styles to enable more effective coaching outcomes.

  • The Grow Model and how it used to ensure coaching is effective.

  • Setting SMART coaching objectives

  • Understanding the steps that need to take place to make coaching happen.

  • How to use questioning and listening techniques in coaching and how to recognise when to give information and how much.

  • Feedback: what is it, why use it and a model for good quality feedback

  • A framework for giving effective feedback.

  • Practice session throughout the course with feedback to try and develop coaching skills.

  • Development planning for delegates to aid the implementation of coaching into their roles.