Customer Service - Delivering Difficult Messages


2 days


The aim of this programme is to ensure that staff deliver challenging messages in a professional and company focused manner, whilst being able to handle stressful situations

It teaches them to be proactive, take ownership and recognise the importance and benefits (to the customer and your business) of efficient and professional management of challenging customers.

They will also learn how to communicate effectively to help control the situation and achieve a positive outcome in a professional manner. Highly interactive ‘Real play’ and coaching sessions throughout the course help embed the messages.

The course will be built around situations common to your business.

Who will the course benefit?

People who are already experienced in dealing with customers and are looking to increase their knowledge and skills with this.

Course Objectives

This course will enable delegates to:

  • To acknowledge the importance of communication methods – words, voice and body language

  • Manage the conversation even under stressful circumstances

  • Recognise the importance of delivering a clear message using LBG Guidelines

  • To understand how we perceive our customers and how that affects our behaviour towards them

  • Choose a from a variety of strategies in order to handle different behaviours

  • Deal with customers in an assertive manner, avoiding aggressive behaviour

  • Manage emotions (our own and those of the customer)

  • Describe the child-parent-adult behaviors that are apparent in customer relationships and how they can turn these behaviours round to their advantage

Course Content

Day 1

  • Welcome & introductions

  • Communcation Methods

    • How we communicate– words, voice and body language

    • Understanding the 4 stages in the communication cycle

  • Controlling Conversations

    • Identifying how staff can lose control of the conversation

    • How to get control back, in a professional and courteous manner, using LBG Guidelines

  • Dealing with Challenging Situations

    • Why does it happen?

    • What are the indicators?

    • How do we and the customer perceive the situation?

  • Options for dealing with conflict

    • Conflict Handling Styles

    • Definitions

    • Behaviours

    • Skills of assertiveness

    • Dealing with aggression

  • Managing Emotional Responses

    • Techniques for dealing with your own (and the customers’) emotions

  • Review & Action Planning

  • Close

Day 2 – Putting it into practice

  • Welcome & review of Day 1

  • Customer Conversations

    • How the customer reponds to us

    • What makes a good, mediocre or bad impression?

    • How can we perceive how the customer feels?

  • Transactional Analysis

    • Why do we behave the way we do?

    • Different types of “transactions” within a relationship

    • What affect does your behaviour have on others?

  • Real plays 1

    • Work with an actor the practice the skills from Day 1

  • Review & Feedback

  • How much have you learned?

    • Review of learning so far

  • Real Plays 2

    • Work with an actor the practice the skills for more challenging situations

  • Review & Feedback

  • Action Planning & Close