Customer Service Skills for the Help Desk


2 days non residential


Working on a Help Desk can be quite busy and stressful with lots of different queries and questions being asked by callers. How can you keep your own energy, attention and commitment to these callers during busy times?

Who will the course benefit?

Anyone who is responsible for delivering customer service to their customers via a Help Desk and is looking to improve the service they provide.

Course Objectives

By the end of the workshop to enable all delegates to:

Understand how impact is generated and to evaluate their own personal impact over the telephone: Understand how to direct and control all conversations without bombarding customers with too much information: Identify customer service skills – questioning techniques, active listening, rapport building and ownership and responsibility: Deal effectively with difficult customers – including handling objections, criticisms and complaints.

Skills Gained

Enhance their current ability to provide customer service via a Help Desk to their own clients. Identify numerous options and ways of handling lots of customers effectively. Build on their current levels of knowledge and experience.

Content Introduction

  • Welcome, introduction and objectives

  • Impact and actions How do you sound over the phone and why is this?

  • Customer types and situations When customers run away with this – customer types and situations.

  • Directing the conversation What is your purpose of directing conversations?

  • Working within a call structure Preparation, opening, establishing needs, providing the solution, close, reflection.

  • Are we talking the same language? Making your point clearly, concisely and in a way that the caller will understand the first time you tell them.

  • The power of language! Positive, negative and neutral words.

  • Objection handling 6 staged guide to dealing effectively with complaints, criticisms or objections.

  • Review and Close