Customer Service Training


3 days non residential


Dealing with complaints, queries or concerns can provide you with opportunities for further business – sound strange?

This programme will show you how to deal effectively with all complaints together with how to truly engage with a customer and create further opportunities. We will cover both written and telephone complaints.

This highly interactive programme will provide delegates with a blend of theory, practical exercises, tutor demonstrations and an opportunity to practice new techniques within a safe environment.

Who will the course benefit?

Anyone who regularly receives phone calls or letters from customers who have cause to complain about the service or treatment they have received.

Course Objectives

The objective of this instructor-led course is to provide the delegate with new ideas and techniques designed to deal effectively with unhappy customers. The aim is to give greater confidence when dealing with objections, criticisms or complaints.

Skills Gained

Understand how to communicate confidently and effectively with customers who have a complaint or concern. Identify how the Communication Cycles can be used to calm down and manage expectations and to inform them of the next possible actions. Understand what are the main reasons for objections or complaints. Develop an approach to handling objections and the importance of preparing for them. Develop responses to the main objections or complaints received. Understand the importance of listening and the difference between listening to acknowledge and listening to understand. Structure and write complaint letters effectively. Understand how difficult it can be to take true ownership of an objection, criticism or complaint. Identify the transition and key skills, knowledge and attitude required to move the complaint to an opportunity.

Content Introduction

  • Welcome, introduction and objectives

  • Why do customers complain?

  • What is remarkable customer service?

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Overcoming barriers

  • Concentration and remarkable customer service

  • What is effective communication?

  • Creating rapport with your customer through mirroring and matching

  • Handling difficult customers – face to face, telephone or written communication

  • Being assertive in difficult situations

  • Presenting your solution effectively whilst ensuring it matches their needs

  • The communication cycle

  • Letter writing skills

  • 6 step guide to handling complaints Effective questioning skills – identify needs and wants

  • Dealing with different types of customers

  • Course learning logs and personal action plans