Graduate Programme


A modular 7 day programme delivered over 18 months and supported throughout with Action Learning Sets:


Day 1: Networking – 1 day

An interactive workshop that looks at why networking is important, how to do it well and identifies the current state of your network.

  • Action Learning Set

Day 2: SDI® Strength Deployment Inventory – 1 day

Self-awareness is key to the success of every individual, and that’s exactly what SDI® delivers. A better understanding of self and others means that relationships at work can become vehicles for, not barriers to, business success.

  • Action Learning Set

Day 3: Impact & Image – 1 day

A workshop that will increase self-awareness and develop practical skills that will enable our Graduates to turn up their impact.

  • Action Learning Set

Day 4: Personal Resilience

A workshop that will help you develop the ability to bend instead of breaking when under pressure or difficulty.

  • Action Learning Set

Day 5: Presentation Skills

A workshop that will share tips and tricks used by seasoned presenters and give you the opportunity to practice and get feedback in a safe environment.

  • Action Learning Set

Day 6: Influence & Persuasion

This programme is highly interactive and includes discussions, theories and practical sessions on how to hone and develop the skills of influence and persuasion. We will also look at ways to positively persuade and influence in order to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes with colleagues and clients. These skills will lead to more co-operation and productive relationships.

  • Action Learning Set

Day 7: Communication & Assertiveness

Effective communication is all about choosing the right style to suit the situation, and ensuring the content of the message that is to be delivered is received and understood by all concerned. It is a great temptation to believe that because the message makes sense to you, that it will be clear to everyone else. This course provides tools, techniques and practice for all those who would benefit from developing their communication and interpersonal skills.

  • Action Learning Set

Logistics for each programme

Timings: 9am to 5pm for the day

Number of participants: We can accommodate up to 10 participants during each 1 day programme

Cybèle team: 1 trainer for the day

Equipment needed: Training room large enough to house 10 people comfortably with space for smaller group work and room to move around. Also 2 x flipcharts & paper; projector and screen please.

For Presentation Skills, we can accommodate a maximum of 4 participants per programme and per day.

Programme materials: Will be supplied by Cybèle including joining instructions for distribution in advance of the programme.

Graduate TrainingRoss Taylor