Great Decisions


1 day


We place our talented people at the heart of our business. We encourage you to explore and achieve your full potential by providing tools to help you grow and develop as an individual.

We are pleased to offer a series of 1 day interactive workshops which form part of our Learning & Development framework. These workshops are designed to equip you with some of the skills needed to be effective in your current or future role and reinforce your values, helping you live them every day.

Our philosophy to Learning & Development is centered on the principles that 70% of learning comes from experience, 20% comes from exposure and 10% comes from education. These workshops have been designed for you as a complementary offer alongside all the other ways you can development grow.


By the end of the programme, delegates will be able to:

  • Use critical thinking and creative strategies to help analyze a problem

  • Describe a four-part framework for solving problems

  • Analyse and select the best solutions in order to overcome the status quo

  • Apply the 5 steps for effective decision making

Pre-course work

1. Recall a recent ‘tough’ decision that you have made at work that had a positive outcome.

  • Identify 2 key aspects that made it tough

  • Identify your top 3 reasons that made it a successful decision

2. Please identify a situation where you would like to improve your decision making skills and email a brief summary of this including identifying what or who in particular is challenging to you, to <email address> by <date>. You will be using this situation in the workshop

3. Make a note of what you would most like to gain from attending the workshop – your personal goal


  • Welcome and your first decision making challenge with feedback

  • Introductions, objectives and individual strengths, goal and focus

  • Creative strategies – left brain/right brain thinking

  • Breaking out of your box – are you ready to decide?

  • Activity - Defining problem solving and decision making in your role…

    • Syndicate (1) – Defining organizational problems

    • Syndicate (2) – Decision making tools and resources

    • Syndicate (3) – Defining “Creativity & innovation”

  • Activity - Acquired or created? What is your pre-course problem?

  • Reflection - What’s getting in the way of making great decisions?

  • Activity - Your decision or a consensus decision – present your pre-course situation and give reasons for individual or consensus approach

  • Activity - Steps to good decision making – practice on real examples with role play to communicate the decision

  • Tools for creative decision making

    • Define the problem – Six Honest Serving Men

    • Decide the options – Lateral thinking – Six Thinking Hats

  • Shake off indecision – Pondering, Stop thinking - Get out of the rut

  • Four part framework for solving problems

  • Five steps for effective decision making

  • My ABC to effective decision making

  • Practical decision making

  • Further reading

  • Action planning

  • Post programme discussion with line manager


Timings: 9am to 5pm

Number of participants: We can accommodate up to 12 participants during each 1 day programme.

Cybèle team: 1 trainer for the day

Equipment needed: Training room large enough to house 12 people comfortably with space for smaller group work and room to move around. Also a flipchart & paper; projector & screen please.

Programme materials: Will be supplied by Cybèle including joining instructions for distribution in advance of the programme.