Interviewing & Selection


1 day


The interview process is arguably the most important task undertaken by any manager or HR professional. Get it right and you have recruited an effective team member who will contribute fully to the success of the company. Get it wrong and the implications are time-consuming, costly & stressful.

There is no foolproof approach to hiring new staff, there are though many common mistakes that must be avoided. This programme looks at best practice in recruitment & selection and the pitfalls to avoid. Thus giving benefits to all involved in the recruitment process (in particular the hiring manager) and of course the company.

Who will the programme benefit?

This programme will benefit any members of staff involved in the recruitment process.

Programme objectives:

This programme will give you a good understanding of recruitment & selection. It will cover the 4 key stages of the process. Namely:

  • Preparation

  • Interviewing

  • Reviewing

  • Making decisions

We will look at best practice and common mistakes at each stage.

Once you have completed the programme you will also be aware of your legal responsibility to the candidates and have increased confidence to run an effective recruitment process.

Skills Gained

This programme will enable you to:

  • Prepare yourself effectively

  • Prepare your candidates effectively

  • Build rapport and put candidates at ease.

  • Learn which questions to ask

  • And which questions to avoid

  • Reach an objective decision.

Programme Content:

Preparing for the selection process.

Like so many aspects of work, the success or failure of the task depends on how much planning has gone into it. Selection is no different. We will look at how to best prepare for a hard days interviewing.

Documentation required

We will examine what documentation makes for world class recruitment and selection.

The selection criteria

What are you looking for? If you have clarity regarding what it is you are looking for, you are more likely to make the right decision. We will look at how to set the standard required and how to measure, through the interview process, if the candidate has met that standard.

What to include in the selection process

There are many tasks and activities you can use to select the right candidate. Will it simply be an interview, or will you use other activities. We look at what these are and how to set them up

How to conduct the interview effectively

This includes an appreciation of both sides of the interaction. We look at how to run a successful interview from start to finish

The different type of interview questions

We will help you with what to ask during an interview, and what not to ask.

Making the decision

Once you have interviewed all candidates, how do you then make the right decision? The course looks at how to compare the data you have gathered and choose the best person for the job.

Informing candidates of the outcome

Looking at the key drivers of staff engagement and how to ensure they are in place.


Timings: 9am to 5pm for the day

Number of participants: We can accommodate up to 12 participants during each 1 day programme

Cybèle team: 1 trainer for the day

Equipment needed: Training room large enough to house 12 people comfortably with space for smaller group work and room to move around. Also 2 x flipcharts & paper; projector and screen please.

Programme materials: Will be supplied by Cybèle including joining instructions for distribution in advance of the programme.

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