Powerful Presentations - overview


1 day non residential


A one-day presentation skills workshop packed with tips, tools and techniques to enable participants to prepare and deliver confident, effective and powerful presentations.

The day will be highly interactive those present will be encouraged to discuss their own challenges and will be supported to come up with their own answers! They will leave with an action plan of what they intend to do differently as a result of the day and how they are going to do it.

Who will the course benefit?

Everyone who has to deliver both effective and confident presentations to audiences large and small. This course is suitable for novices and experienced presenters alike!

Programme Objectives:

By the end of the programme you will be able to:

  • Understand more about what is involved in the delivery of powerful presentations

  • Build rapport with large audiences quickly and easily

  • Use a variety of language patterns to appeal to everyone in the audience

  • Plan and deliver successful presentations

  • Use PowerPoint and other visual aids with style

  • Adapt your body language and gestures to hold the audience s attention

  • Appear and feel confident while presenting

Outline Programme:

  • Introduction and Objectives

  • Communicating with larger audiences: including Mehrabian research.

  • Building Rapport with the audience: use of language patterns and unconscious preferences

  • Setting objectives for presentations: what do we want the audience to leave with and how will we know this has been achieved?

  • Presentation structure: how to keep the audience engaged, and get your message across

  • Visual aids: effective use of visual aids including powerpoint

  • Body language: Techniques for holding the audience s attention

  • Managing nerves: Tips for feeling and appearing more confident in front of an audience

  • Practical session: Putting it all into practice

  • Review, action plan and close


Timings: 9am to 5pm for the day

Number of participants: We can accommodate up to 4 participants during each 1 day programme

Cybèle team: 1 trainer for the day

Equipment needed: Training room large enough to house 4 people comfortably with space for smaller group work and room to move around. Also 2 x flipcharts & paper; projector and screen please.

Each participant will also leave with their own SD card containing their presentations.

Programme materials: Will be supplied by Cybèle including joining instructions for distribution in advance of the programme.