Team Building Experience


1 day non residential


Teams that work well together and are motivated as a group will perform to a higher standard and achieve better results. It is important develop this element of working to ensure performance reaches its potential.

Who will the course benefit?

This course is designed for complete teams to attend together.

Course Objectives

This programme will give a team of delegates the tools and techniques to build themselves into an effective, results oriented team that will get the job done. It will give them an insight into how team behaviour influences the success of their team and they’ll explore how establish goals and direction, develop procedures, and monitor progress.

Skills Gained

Identify the stages of team development: where they are, where they want to get to and implement action to help them get there. Structure for results - clarify roles, goals, and decision making processes. Capitalise on each team members’ team role, skills and knowledge. Implement processes for effective team communication. Identify the benefits and characteristics of high performance teams. Evaluate and improve current team effectiveness.

Content Introduction

Pre-course work: All team members to complete Belbin’s team roles questionnaire.

The stages of team development: Understanding team development, the effects of each stage and strategies to manage them.

Adair’s Leadership Functions: John Adairs Leadership Functions Model and how it affects teamworking.

An introduction to Belbin’s Team Roles: What are Belbin’s Team Roles and how they can be used to facilitate team effectiveness including individual reports.

Capitalising on each team members’ preferred team role, skills and knowledge: How to use individuals strengths and preferences to achieve results.

The importance of goals setting how to achieve it: How and when to set and communicate goals and what happens if this isn’t done.

Team communication processes: The importance of communication and getting it right for your team.

Where are we now and where we want to get to and how do we get there: Understanding the current state of the team and it’s future and action planning to achieve it.

Achieving and celebrating success: Do you recognise and use success as a motivator?