Customer Service Skills – Contact Centre


The Customer Management Centre of 400 people at a major financial services company spent an average of 12,500 man-days a year handling calls and yet, there was no continuous provision for the training and on-going coaching of Team Managers and Agents in respect of call handling. Cybèle was therefore given the formidable task of devising and implementing a call handling skills programme that would equip the Customer Management Centre with the necessary skills required to provide “customer service excellence”.

Although previous attempts at training had been made, there had not been one consistent programme which supported Agent development and continuous performance improvement.


The programme which Cybèle have designed and delivered is split into 3 levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold which are further broken down into manageable phases. An assessment must be completed and successfully passed at the end of each level before an Agent can progress to the next. The programme has been delivered over 18 months with each phase of training supported by additional coaching and feedback.


The programme has been extremely well received by Team Managers and Agents. Agents appreciate Cybèle’s naturalness and ability to get learning points across in an informal way. “Cybèle do not try and “clone” Agents but instead allow for a personal style to come through which is welcomed as a refreshing change from previous training attempts”. Customer Satisfaction Scores, the internal “1 call resolution” service level agreement together with internal call quality scores all show vast improvements .

Agents comments as reflected in their course evaluations:

  • “very relevant to my job and easy to implement”

  • “the course was interesting and kept my attention”

  • “I feel that I can now take calls in a more confident way and sound more professional to the customer”

  • “I can introduce new tips and techniques straight away”

  • “I am now looking forward to the next angry customer”

  • “As always the course was interesting, relevant and good fun”

  • “this has helped me with areas I have not been confident with previously”

  • “I now feel more in control when presented with difficult situations”

Cybèle were also engaged to delivered the Bronze, Silver and Gold programmes to a second contact centre of 200 people based in Mumbai to ensure consistency and achievement of the required customer service standards.